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Old 20th February 2017
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About second hand laptops

In all second hand laptop shop. they are selling business class laptop of HP,dell,and lenovo with the processor like Intel i7 and i5. first of I have purchase HP laptop i7 processor but it's performance is even bad then my previous Lenovo entertainment class i3 first gen laptop but some how after two month there is problem of display in laptop and I returned laptop and they provide another 2nd hand laptop config. 2nd gen intel i5 HP probook 6460b model. again it's peeformance is not like i5 processor. I had searched in Google that the models of laptop which I purchased not sold in India.

finally I am thinking that these business class laptops are selling by exchanging original hardware with duplicate hardware such that cheap processor and rams.

may be I am wrong.but any one who had purchased such laptop can give their review in these types of laptop.
so that in future anybody who are willing 2 purchase such laptop may be guided properly.
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Old 20th February 2017
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All this so called business laptops are bought by auction from companies who usually change their laptops once in 3 or 4 years.Once bought they change the non working parts with working ones and again sell it as second hand ones with price ranging from 15,000 to 18,000. sometimes the performance of such laptops will be very sluggish than normal.Better buy a Dell latitude laptop compared to HP and lenovo. it will work pretty decent for this price range.

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Old 5th April 2017
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I've known a person who sells 2n'd hand Laptops.

He subtly asked me to avoid, hinting the logo stickers, warranty stuff need not be genuine.

So, 2'nd hand laptops aren't like 2'nd hand car market.

& that's the way cookie crumbles,

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