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Old 12th March 2017
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Again the view counter has stopped working for all the threads
Pl take action immediately !

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pzy be is not working guys

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filesflash and masaladesi not opening .and xossip site too slow to load and access ? what the issue?
Let It Rain Blood ....
Amyklas !

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Originally Posted by kiru99 View Post
Firefox Users: DOWNLOAD this file redirector-XBii.xpi - 55.5 KB drag and drop into your filefox browser, install, restart firefox and ENJOY!!!!!!

Click this link to know about - Simple way to Unblock Exbii, Filesflash, Filesquick and picscrazy sites for Firefox and Chrome Browsers

If you know your way around computers then read below workaround for firefox:-

If you are using Firefox then here is a nifty way that redirects filesflash to filesflash:8001

Add Firefox Addon Redirector 2.8.1
Restart firefox
Tools > Redirector
Click New Redirect

Enter values
Description - optional anything you want
Example URl - optional or http://filesflash.net/
Include pattern - http://filesflash.net/*
Exlude pattern -
Redirect To - http://filesflash.net/$1
Pattern type - wildcard
DO NOT check Unescape matches, Escape matches
Check Enabled

Press save (ignore any messages and continue save)

now type filesflash.com you will be automatically redirected to filesflash.com:8001

Or open notepad copy the below code and Save the following code with extn .rjson and import
Tested the process and was able to login, upload and access all FF links without having to change the url everytime.

You can download any FF link with this

You can add any redirect like
http://www.exbii.com as http://exbii.com or www.desiproject.com to access exbii
http://www.filesquick.com as http://f6.filesquick.com to access filesquick

I added all 4 redirects and I now have no problems accessing, logging or downloading from sites exbii, filesflash, filesquick and picscrazy using firefox

Full code - For Exbii, filesquick, filesflash and picscrazy
"createdBy": "Redirector v2.7.1",
"createdAt": "2013-06-18T10:23:19.312Z",
"redirects": [
"exampleUrl": "http://filesflash.net/",
"includePattern": "http://filesflash.net/*",
"excludePattern": "",
"redirectUrl": "http://filesflash.net/$1",
"patternType": "W",
"unescapeMatches": false,
"escapeMatches": false,
"disabled": false
"exampleUrl": "http://www.xossip.com/",
"includePattern": "http://www.xossip.com/*",
"excludePattern": "",
"redirectUrl": "http://xossip.com/$1",
"patternType": "W",
"unescapeMatches": false,
"escapeMatches": false,
"disabled": false
"exampleUrl": "http://www.masaladesi.com/",
"includePattern": "http://www.masaladesi.com/*",
"excludePattern": "",
"redirectUrl": "http://f6.masaladesi.com/$1",
"patternType": "W",
"unescapeMatches": false,
"escapeMatches": false,
"disabled": false
"exampleUrl": "http://www.picscrazy.com/",
"includePattern": "http://www.picscrazy.com/*",
"excludePattern": "",
"redirectUrl": "http://pzy.be/$1",
"patternType": "W",
"unescapeMatches": false,
"escapeMatches": false,
"disabled": false

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Hi am not able to open access any torrents. Kindly look into it.

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